Some of the Common Character Archetypes
To start with, an archetype is something that reoccurs in literature or art which can be a character, symbol, theme or a setting. This gives us the definition of a character archetype to mean people that pop up across all genres of literature be it classic or contemporary. Get more info on  Character Archetypes. Keep reading for a list of some of the universal character archetypes found in the literature.

One of the character archetypes is then the hero. Typically, the hero is always the protagonist who all the things surround him. But remember that all the protagonists are still not heroes. You find that in most settings the hero is always a male even though we also have some female heroes in some literature. In most forms of writing, the hero is always after some specific objective, and he will have to overcome many obstacles for him to achieve it. Besides, heroes are always good throughout the story, but their goodness is always challenged on many occasions. Click website to get info about  Character Archetypes. What makes them heroes is to maintain their abilities even if they suffer in the process and defend or save a large number of people.

Besides, we also have the mentor. In literature, the mentor is one of the common archetypes. In most cases, the mentors are always old, but they always have some magical abilities and wider knowledge than the rest of the people in the story. You find that they always help the heroes along the way by teaching them how they can help themselves. Not only that but at some point, they always arbitrate in some situations. When you have anything that you need to be advice on you should always seek the mentor's abilities. But the bad news is that they always end up dead in many stories, and sometimes they resurrect.

Apart from that, there is the everyman. The everyman archetype always stands in for the audience. You should note that they are just ordinary people, but at some point, they are faced with extraordinary circumstances. They can either be a protagonist, or you can call them a support figure. In most cases, the everyman always finds himself in the middle of a mess that they don't have control over. What they always try to do is to find a way they can get out of that mess. You notice that these characters are always getting through difficult situations, but they are not taking the responsibility to save others as the hero does. Learn more from

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