Common Character Archetypes
An archetype is a thing or a person or even an event which keeps reoccurring in any art. These events or characters must be included in the story or any writing work for it to be meaningful. Below are some of the common character archetypes.

The hero. The hero has always been used as the protagonist. In many stories, the protagonist has been the male, but some female heroes have been portrayed in various art. In every story, the hero is in a setting where he is pursuing something. But there are obstacles on their ways hence making their work a bit hard. The hero has god character, he is morally upright, and is shown to have the good traits. But at times the moral goodness of the protagonist is always tested in every part of the story. Click homepage to get info about  Character Archetypes. But they maintain their heroism by conquering these challenges. This act of going through these challenges successfully makes them the heroes. In other cases, the heroes are there to help other characters in the story. They are always given the responsibility of saving them from various problems.

There is the mentor archetype. There is no writing story which lacks the mentor character. It is usually given to an older person. Such characters have unique magical capabilities which cannot be possessed by other characters in the story. The mentor has a certain knowledge which is unique to themselves. The mentors act as assists to the heroes. He is responsible in giving them the guidance they need in their leadership journey.

Furthermore, they are knowledgeable and hence this guidance is respected. They are responsible in coming in to solve some extreme problems which might seem difficult to the heroes.  To learn more about Character Archetypes, check it out! You should know that in most cases, the mentor ends up dying after accomplishing their missions. And in a few instances, they are revisited to remind the heroes how to help others.

There is also the Every-man character archetype. This is the normal person who is always faced with circumstances which are extraordinary. The every-man has no responsibility of serving others in the story, but at times they act like the supporting figure in the story. They can be a protagonist at times. In many cases, the every-man character finds themselves in situations which are difficult for them to solve. You will see that the every-man is seen trying to come up with changes, this is one way they can use to get away from difficult circumstances. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archetype.

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